Streaming Radio from Asia, Europe and America

As part of our global hosting services, we offer an advanced radio streaming package that covers the globe with servers in Israel, USA and Europe. Why pay for several radio streaming companies, when you can have a single company that covers the entire planet?

Our servers are located in strategic data centers around the world: In Israel our servers are co-located with Bezeq International (014), considered one of the newest and most advanced server farms in Israel with the largest international capacity in the country. Our servers in Europe are located in Germany and Amsterdam. The US servers are located in Washington and New York. This global presence assures your listeners the ultimate in stability and transmission quality.

In addition you will have support 24/7 and personal assistance from our streaming experts.


Radio Streaming Plans

ListenersTraficDisk SpaceAditional TraficPrice
** Up to 5025 GB500Mb$3.50 per 10GB$7.26
** Up to 10050 GB500Mb$3.00 per 10GB$13.53
** Up to 30075 GB500Mb$2.80 per 10GB$16.6
** Up to 500125 GB500Mb$2.60 per 10GB$20.8
** Unlimited250 GB500Mb$2.30 per 10GB$41.7
** Unlimited500 GB500Mb$2.00 per 10GB$52.2
** Unlimited750 GB500Mb$1.60 per 10GB$57.4
** Unlimited1000 GB500Mb$1.40 per 10GB$73
** Unlimited2000 GB500Mb$1.20 per 10GB$104.4
** Unlimited3000 GB500Mb$1.00 per 10GB$167


** Concurrent listeners. The number of concurrent radio listeners is not limited in all packages.